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Mr. Faris Rafiq Balbeisy

Positioning as a leader in the real estate development industry, Madinaty Development Company is focusing to establish a presence in the Republic of Iraq, through the development and delivering premium real estate assets. In this sense, "Al Handal International Group" act in accordance with the methodology of the company, which is based on the implementation of the best integrated development projects that cater to the needs of Iraqi citizens, in accordance with the content and objectives with the strategic vision of Iraq to provide housing units in the real estate market which meets the needs of population growth, especially the increment of youth segment.

The local government is spending efforts in working to satisfy the expectations of its citizens in a decent life, by providing the lands and encouraging investments that support the development of infrastructure for the real estate sector, in addition to attracting the real estate investors by adapting all the obstacles facing them, which provides vivid testimony to the government's focus on developing this vital sector.

The vision of Madinaty Real Estate Development Company" is reflected in being an effective partner and a catalyst to the efforts of socioeconomic development across all global markets. We are committed to develop the real estate assets relevant to a global level that the customers are aiming for, not limited but extends to contribute and support the local economic growth by providing job opportunities for citizens and empower Iraqis National Rising Talent with the participation of international best practices that we adopt in developing pioneer projects.

we are honored as "Madinaty Real Estate Development Company" to function and to support the real estate market growth through an integrated development projects such as "Madinaty residential complex / Kirkuk" and "Amiriya towers / Baghdad " and "Beity residential complex / Tikrit" and "Mansour Tower" and other upcoming projects that will become a modern and vibrant communities of our projects all the facilities sought by the residents and has an international architectural designs, quality of construction that satisfy the needs of customers at all levels.
We are moving forward at working to support the development operations on the economic and social levels in Iraq by developing an integrated residential complexes leaving significant positive effects on Iraqi society, and we will stay committed to Iraq which is one of the most important strategic market for us and in the region.

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