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Mr. Hardan Noori Al Handal

As said The long journey begins with one step _This applies fully to large-scale projects aimed at changing the fact of the residential in the region and we Al Handal International Group know well that Iraq is in desperate need of a large number of housing units estimated by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning for more than 3.5 million housing units.
For many other reasons, including the large openness and fruitful cooperation shown by the governorate of Kirkuk and its investment commission, it was our pleasure to study potential for developing a significant residential project to serve province and its good people.

After studying and examination we decided as a group to adopt a feasibility study which was prepared by one of the specialized agencies and this was the first step in the journey to develop the largest residential project in the governorate of Kirkuk "Madinaty Residential complex (my new address), wishing to God Almighty to guide us to accomplish and complete with the collaboration of the officials in Kirkuk province, also the citizen the final beneficiary, who will enjoy living and benefits from all the aspects of the project services and facilities.
We were keen to facilitate the citizen's own housing units in the real estate registration department and also from a legal point of view also we offered a convenient and comfortable installments for the end users with limited income.

As we accomplish the second step which is the preparation of the basic design of the project we made sure that our focus _ are responsive to the highest quality and in accordance with international standards also in meeting the taste and privacy of Iraqi society blended with modern designs which we have benefited by providing it through our expertise in project development in the United Arab Emirates known for its Urban booming.

Finally, we emphasize on our determination to the completion of each project with its public sectors and the service buildings and all infrastructure requirements in order to reach the final stages and we are sure and confident that our work will contribute in solving part of the housing crisis in providing better services to our valued citizens to reach satisfaction and to fulfill our goals.

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